Insightful Content

Insightful content  


We recently ran a survey all about content marketing, to help us at Today’s Media gain more of an insight into how people in the legal industry think about content marketing, their understanding of it and how they feel it benefits their businesses.  

We received some great feedback which will ultimately help us in our quest to continue in providing quality legal content for the industry – we wanted to share an overview of the feedback we received.  


Our survey says…  


When asking who tends to carry out the main marketing activity within the firm it was not a surprise to see that 50% said this was their marketing department, followed by the owner at 18%. Website, closely followed by content and eshots were ranked as the most effective marketing channels in securing new business. Printed collateral was ranked lowest, which syncs with the digital space we currently live in, tying in with the importance of having that online presence.  


We asked what informs decisions on marketing activity, and the word cloud came back with two overriding answers which came down to cost and metrics. Campaign cost and metrics is hugely important and content provides easily trackable information via websites, social media and email analytics. With content you can maintain steady web traffic, create new articles and make use of evergreen content year after year, as well as enticing high volumes of visitors without spending your entire budget.  


64% knew what content was and when asked where they mainly publish their content, website, blog and social channels ranked high.  


At Today’s Media we produce prewritten content articles, blogs, longer form whitepapers, newsletter and website content and it was encouraging to see that 68% would find this type of content useful when it comes to running their firms.  


One of the main challenges we hear when discussing the production of content to fulfil blogs, websites and the like is time constraints. Firms just don’t have the resource to schedule out the writing of the articles as their teams are heavily focused on clients.  


Our articles enable you to consistently engage with your customers and prospects in such a way that you are educating them and providing useful information which not only helps them in their own lives, but also endorses your expertise, authority and trustworthiness on the subject.