Cleanse Your Content

This week we just wanted to cover the importance of keeping on top of your existing content. If you have a website or social channel you will have content that is already in existence.  


As content is quite high on the list in terms of recruiting new customers and continuing to build that ever important bond with existing customers, we need to make sure our existing content is relevant, and it covers what we need it to. So, it is essential that we treat our channels to a cleanse every once in a while.  


By taking a detailed look at your site and channels, it will help you to determine what content needs producing that could be establishing your authority and what content needs updating that reinforces your credibility and expertise.  


If you have content already in existence that is still relevant, there is no issue in simply creating a carousel for this content and reproducing it. By reproducing it you are reinforcing the message to your existing clients who may have already seen it, furthermore you may have expanded your client base so are therefore presenting it to a brand-new audience.  


Just be wary when it comes to resurfacing, search engines such as Google are super savvy when it comes to seeking out rich, relevant, and informative content, so it’s also important that the content we resurface presents the relevant keywords naturally.  


Content cleanse  


We understand all of this takes time, so we are offering a free content cleanse, in which we will perform an audit of your site and social channels. This will help us to understand what topics need to be covered and what content may need updating.   


If you are interested in a free content cleanse of your site, please contact Lindsay Gibson from Today’s Media.  [email protected]