Maximising the value of legal content with Today’s Media

The next webinar from Today’s Media will take place on Wednesday 7th July at 12pm, the third in our series of bitesize webinars in which we discuss content marketing and give you practical takeaways within the topics we are reviewing, specifically aimed at the legal sector.  

At our next session Lindsay Gibson and Allie Jones will talk through maximising the value of your content. They will discuss the type of content that gives long lasting value, some key examples of this, how you can create this type of content and provide real world examples of it being used in practice. 


We hear you…  

We love hearing feedback on our webinars and what type of content firms and practitioners want to engage with to help them in their day to day roles.  

A recent survey from Today’s Media revealed that over 68% of those asked found performance metrics to be high on their criteria when considering outsourcing content.  

Taking this feedback on board and as we are homing in on content and its value, it was natural that we focus part of the webinar on performance metrics.  

This part of the session will review what types of metrics to look out for, what they mean in plain English and how you can monitor them and determine the success of your content.  

We look forward to welcoming you along, here is a brief overview of what you will learn and who it may interest from your practice.  

The webinar will cover:  

  • What types of content can maximise value?  
  • The benefits of ‘evergreen’ content  
  • Resurfacing content  
  • Measurement tools for realising the value of content.  

What you will learn: 

  • What substitutes as evergreen content?  
  • Tips on how to produce evergreen content.  
  • Takeaways on how to measure content.  

Who should attend?  

  • Marketing specialists/managers  
  • Practice managers  
  • Sole Practitioners 
  • Operation managers  
  • Partners  
  • Associates  

We really hope you can join us on Wednesday, click here to register.  

For information about our webinar series or our curated and bespoke content options please contact Lindsay Gibson: e: [email protected], t: 07736 015 803